University fraternity says Black, gay and Jewish people should be ‘lynched’ in group chat seething with hate

BBC boss caught watching child abuse says he was a 'lonely gay man'

A fraternity at a Canadian university said that being gay, Black or Jewish is a reason to be “lynched” in an alleged Facebook group chat seething with hateful comments.

Delta Chi members at the University of Windsor, in Ontario, made slews of racist, anti-Black, homophobic and antisemitic barbs in the private chatroom, according to screen captures seen by PinkNews.

According to CBC Canada, the reported comments were exposed by two anti-racism student societies – university chiefs have since denounced the fraternity, calling the messages “disturbing” and “unacceptable”.

University fraternity members allegedly said ‘Black people were better as slaves’

A whistle-blower alleged in an email that members of the Delta Chi referred to Black Lives Matter protesters as “criminals” and “idiots” and: “Talked about how they hate Black people and that Black people were better as slaves.

“They describe how they wish they could own Black people as slaves, and they dream about the day there are less immigrants in Windsor and even shooting Indians.”

Members also spoke of recreating tortures enacted by the Klu Klux Klan and routinely used racial slurs, the source added, before claiming that they “talk about burning Jewish people”.

“This strategy of being an ally publicly while privately harbouring dangerous and racist views is all too common at University of Windsor,” they continued.

In a statement posted Thursday (26 November), University of Windsor president and vice-chancellor Dr Rob Gordon said the chats were: “Disturbing, unacceptable, and entirely incongruent with the values of our school and the work we are doing to create a more inclusive and equitable community at the University of Windsor.”

He sought to apologise and stressed that the university takes “responsibility for the progress we need to make to ensure that our campus protects the emotional, physical, and psychological safety of everyone in our community”.

“We will immediately be launching an investigation into this matter.”

PinkNews contacted the Windsor chapter of the Delta Chi fraternity for comment.