Azealia Banks disappoints fans with bizarre, offensive claim ‘gays are appropriating horse culture’

Azealia Banks poses while performing at the 2013 Governors Ball Music Festival in an orange dress

Azealia Banks posted a meme claiming that “mainstream” gay men are “appropriating horse culture” in their use of harnesses, ketamine and lube.

Yes, this really happened. No, she’s not horsing around here, and really did post that meme on mane.

Banks posted the meme while sparring with critics who commented on a photo she posted of herself covered in blood.

Banks explained that the picture was of a religious practise and that she worships the goddess Yemayá, a patron spirit of motherhood and rivers of the Yoruba religion.

The 29-year-old had choice words for those criticising her spirituality, posting the meme which said gay people are “appropriating horse culture”.

A Facebook status by Azealia Banks, showing a meme that contains pictures of a man in a harness, ketamine, poppers and a picture of a horse

Azealia Banks drew backlash for posting a ‘queerphobic’ meme. (Facebook)

The meme, which appeared to have been first shared in August this year on a gay meme Tumblr blog,  employed clichés of queer men.

These included wearing harnesses, as well as the usage of ketamine – an anaesthetic often used to medicate horses also used as a recreational drug – and lube.

“Mainstream gay culture in a nutshell,” Banks wrote in the caption.

“Yet y’all have the nerve to tell ME – THE HERBAL PLANT-BASED GODDESS – that I need medication for believing in my goddess. THE HILARITY.

“Don’t f**k with me bitches. We can do this culture war all day and I promise you that I will win. Goodnight.”

Disappointment and concern quickly rang out in the comment section of the post, as some fans announced they had unfollowed Banks as a result.

“Stopped following today,” one said. “Girl if you believe in what you claim to believe you wouldn’t act this way.”

Banks is bisexual, but one fan countered: “Clearly you are not a gay man and are misrepresenting a subculture. As a gay man, I find this absolutely offensive.

“But I don’t hold hate for you, it indicates to me that you are upset and are in pain. I’m sorry you feel that way.”

One user branded the meme a “queerphobic joke” while pleading for the “212” hitmaker to stop her “misallocation of hate”.

PinkNews has contacted representatives for Azealia Banks for comment.