Azealia Banks doubles down on homophobia and bids ‘adieu’ to gay fans after foul-mouthed PrEP rant

Azealia Banks poses while performing at the 2013 Governors Ball Music Festival in an orange dress

After briefly apologising for a rant attacking men who take HIV-preventing PrEP, Azealia Banks has decided to “eject” and bid the gays “adieu” because she says they’re holding her back.

The rapper, who has not released any music in five years, recorded a foul-mouthed rant on her Instagram story in October in which she said: “Y’all stay off that f**king PrEP. You don’t need to have everybody running up in your f**king a**hole all day.

“If you got a sex addiction like that, that you need a f**king pill so you can go f**k and suck and do all that, then you need to go see a f**king psychiatrist.”

Last week she apologised for her comments, saying that they were “extremely insensitive”, but her regret did not last long and she soon started attacking fans with more homophobic comments.

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Point Blank.

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One commenter said: “You fell off badly, sis.” Banks responded: “I have no clue why you gay boys think women actually care what you think. We only pretend to so we don’t have to smell your d**k breath while you nag at us.

“Lmao. I don’t have no d**k for you gay boy. Save your energy for someone who cares.”

Now she has decided to cut ties with her gay fanbase altogether. On December 1, she posted the bizarre goodbye note to the gay community to her Instagram story, and it was equal parts offensive and confusing.

Banks wrote: “Lol, I love the gays and love how much y’all love me but I really have to eject. I think you guys are into a lot of sh*t/ people I just don’t find value in.

“I find myself acknowledging/looking at sh*t I’m leagues above and it really is such a set back.”

She said that gay people were suggesting collaborations with other artists, but that she is “DEFINITELY better than all these little trash b*tches”.

Banks then added: “So, gays… I bid you adieu…”

Since she posted the story, the rapper has received criticism online for cutting off a large part of her fanbase.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Azealia Banks is denouncing gay fans because they are ‘holding her back’, but the gays were literally her last fan base.

“What’s holding her back is her mouth and the fact she won’t shut the hell up. Her antics have overshadowed her talent. I can’t support a troll anymore.”