Bert and Ernie have ‘brutal’ disagreement on their relationship status

Bert and Ernie

All is not well behind closed doors on Sesame Street, where it seems our favourite felt-based couple have had a lover’s tiff.

As everyone knows, the iconic puppets Bert and Ernie – long-rumoured and now confirmed to be gay – have been living happily together in their apartment on 123 Sesame Street since 1969. They may sleep in separate beds but they’re fooling no one.

Even the longest relationships can feel the strain though, and it seems like the legless lovers are going through a rough patch, if their Twitter bios are anything to go by.

Yes, Bert and Ernie have their own official Twitter accounts, with 187,000 followers between them. Because how else would you know they’re writing their memoirs?

The puppet pair have mostly just been tweeting each other happy birthdays (or “Bertdays”, as the case may be), but now Bert is using his to deal a devastating blow to his best buddy Ernie.

Ernie’s bio describes him as a “friend of Bert”, but Bert has laid bare his pain for all to see, listing his longtime lover as nothing more than a “roommate”. Cold. Clinical. Catastrophic.

Twitter users were shocked to see such high shade thrown at such a pure-hearted puppet, whose only crime was loving his rubber duckie too damn much.

Let’s hope they can get it together, for all our sakes.