Gay man breaks down in tears after own mum condemns him to hell for marrying his boyfriend

Gay man left in floods of tears after his own mum condemns him to hell

With a smile, a gay man from Mexico invited his mother over the phone to his upcoming wedding. Within seconds, he was in tears.

His mother had told him that he is “sin” and that the day she dies, he “is gonna be the one who kills me”.

The heartwrenching moment was captured by social media influencer Henry Jimenez.

Uploading a video of the phone call Monday (7 December) onto Instagram, he hums and haws during a simple conversation with his mother, only to end in tears as his own mother denounces him.

Jimenez is getting hitched to Kasey Kerbox after he popped the question in the North Pole, Alaska, under a gleaming glacier.

Telling his mother about the engagement, Jimenez attempted to couch the conversation by acknowledging that he knows she “doesn’t approve that I’m marrying my boyfriend”.


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Gay guy left in tears after mum compares him to ‘Judas’ after inviting her to his wedding

“I can’t believe you’re being serious about this,” she barked back, “do you know that’s a sin in front of the eyes of God?

“It’s in the Bible – those who will never get into God’s kingdom,” Jimenez sighs and pulls back, as if bracing himself for the broadside to come, “are men that sleep with men, drunks and adultery.”

He cuts into his mother’s speech, saying he refuses to change who he is, only for her to launch a volley of questions. “At what point did you meet that guy? That guy has blinded you, he doesn’t know God.”

“You broke my heart into a thousand pieces,” she continued, as Jimenez quietly sighs and holds back tears. “Every time you talk to me about that, you make me sad.

“You make me sicker than I already am.” Jimenez cries.

“You do wrong, you sin, why did you change God for money?” she said, before comparing her own son to Judas.

“That’s enough,” Jimenez says with eyes puffed, “I’ll call you later.” He looks on in disbelief as his mother calls the Pope a “Satanist” and that he should not “sin for Satan”.

Writing in the Instagram caption, Jimenez reflected: “What are we doing in this world if we are not being truly happy.

“Share this video if you can, and remind people that everything is gonna be OK.”