Taylor Swift addresses rumours she’s about to release a third surprise album

Taylor Swift smiling at the camera wearing a v-neck top and a black and white album cover of Taylor Swift wandering around the woods

Taylor Swift has dismissed rumours that she’s set to release a third surprise album and, er, a reminder that it is the year 2020 and all hope and happiness has long been destroyed.

After dropping her ninth studio album evermore, the “sister” to July’s folklore, last week, rumours have heaving among fans of a yet another surprise release entitled woodvale.

The theory first took hold when fans spotted the word spelled out in artwork for folklore, hidden among trees.

Fans immediately went into overdrive to decode woodvale, but it was nothing more than a cover art mishap, Swift has revealed.

Taylor Swift on the possibility of a third album this year: ‘I’m tired. I have nothing left.’

“I tend to sort of be annoyingly secret-agent-y about dropping hints and clues and easter eggs,” Taylor Swift said on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

“It’s very annoying but it’s fun for fans and it’s fun for me, because they like to pick up on things, and they’ll notice lots of things in music videos or whatever.

“And sometimes I take it too far and I make a mistake.

“Basically, when I was making folklore, I was too afraid to even unveil the title of the album to even my closest teammates and management.

“I didn’t tell anybody the album title until right before it came out. And so I came up with a fake codename that had the same amount of letters as folkore, chose a random name, chose woodvale.”

Mocking the album artwork, Swift admitted: “We forgot to take the fake codename off of one of them.”

Host Jimmy Kimmel laughed as he replied: “This album is like the third season of Lost – people are finding clues where there aren’t them

“Evermore had the codename November, but we remembered to take it off all the mockups of the album covers, so we learned our lesson,” Swift said.

But even if it’s not called woodvale, is there a third album on the horizon?

“Jimmy, I’m so tired,” the “Cardigan” singer said.

“I’m just so exhausted. I’ve tired myself out, I have nothing left.”

Same, Taylor. Same.