Taylor Swift’s new album ‘leaks’ and fans are losing their minds over this lyric

Taylor Swift against a backdrop that reads 'The Tortured Poets Department'

Alleged leaks containing new lyrics from Taylor Swift’s upcoming album The Tortured Poets Department have hit the internet – and have left people divided.

Taylor Swift. You might have heard of her. Multiple Grammy awards, ten, soon to be eleven, studio albums (not to mention four out of a planned six re-recordings) purveyor of the globe-dominating Eras Tour – and that’s just this year.

To keep her fanbase at bay in between the release of Swift’s re-recordings for 1989 and (presumably) Reputation, the Pennsylvania-born superstar announced while picking up her most recent Grammy that The Tortured Poets Department would be released on 19 April. For those keeping track, that’s tomorrow at time of writing.

One small problem: some lyrics from various of the album’s sixteen tracks (excluding its four bonus songs) seem to have hit the lawless land of X a day early, and though they’ve already been disabled due to copyright issues, fans were’t exactly impressed.

Singer Taylor Swift wears a sequined outfit as she stands in front of stripped background
Taylor Swift. (Getty)

A snippet of a track that somehow surfaced on X, contained the lyrics:

“You smoked then ate seven bars of chocolate/ We declared Charlie Puth should be a bigger artist/ I scratch your head, you fall asleep like a tattoo golden retriever.”

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It’s unclear what track the lyrics come from, but one X user claimed that the clip is from the album’s eponymous song.

Aside from what a ‘tattoo golden retriever’ actually is, fans have had some thoughts.

“She’s just saying sh*t [at this point] cause wtf is a tattoo golden retriever?” one X user asked, while another added: “I think you are the one torturing the poets Taylor Swift.”

A third joked: “You’ve still got two days… if you don’t change that damn Charlie Puth lyric.”

According to further reports, the snippet – and further alleged ‘leaks’ hitting the timeline left, right and centre – were taken from a Google Drive containing the entire song list.

Die-hard Swifties – Taylor fans – have jumped to the 34-year-old’s defence and urged X users not to listen to any leaks.

One wrote: “Please do not spread the leak of Taylor Swift’s new album. Remember, this is Taylor’s work, respect it, just like you would you favorite artist. Don’t punish the artist for how their fans behave.”

“IGNORE THE LEAKS because this time tomorrow we will have a new Taylor Swift album,” another added.

The album is set to include collaborations with Florence + The Machine and recent Beyoncé feature, Post Malone.

Speaking about making the album during a recent Eras Tour performance (via Billboard), Swift said: ““I’ve never had an album where I needed songwriting more than I needed it on Tortured Poets.”

The Tortured Poets Department will be released 18 April.