Don Lemon has had it with Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany – officially: ‘Girl, bye’

Don Lemon (L) in a suit and tie and Kayleigh McEnany in a purple dress

News anchor Don Lemon had some choice words for Donald Trump’s press secretary and former CNN colleague Kayleigh McEnany: “Girl, bye.”

As the White House continues its stubborn refusal to concede following Joe Biden’s election, CNN Tonight presenter Lemon hit out at McEnany for her role as a mouthpiece for Trump’s torrent of election misinformation.

While reporting on a press briefing held by McEnany, an exasperated Lemon said on Tuesday night (15 December): “Did you know she also worked for — girl, bye. Buh-bye.

He lit into McEnany, Trump’s fourth White House press secretary, after she repeatedly ducked questions from reporters on Trump’s unwillingness to concede – even after the Electoral College made president-elect Biden’s victory official.

“So much disinformation comes from the podium,” Lemon reeled. “It’s just every day.

“It’s like [she] comes out, reads propaganda, talks about what the media is doing, criticises the media, ‘This is what you should be covering’.

“I think we got it. When you sat here with us, you thought we had it.

“You were happy to be here. But now we don’t know what we’re doing?” he added. “Girl, bye.”

Kayleigh McEnany has a history of anti-LGBT+ statements. 

Don Lemon previously worked with McEnany as a commentator until she left CNN in 2017. One day later, she hosted a webcast on Trump’s personal Facebook page, praising him.

McEnany, 32, assumed the press post in April, bringing with her a playbook of heckling reporters, offering fact-free defences of the president and being overtly partisan.

She consistently appeared on Fox News to peddle Trump’s re-election campaign, blurring the lines between government and politics.

Kayleigh McEnany speaks in a pink dress behind the White House Briefing Room press podium

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany speaks during a briefing at the White House. (BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Just as she dodged questions on Trump’s refusal to back down, McEnany has previously sought to polish Trump’s stringy track record on LGBT+ rights by breezing past questions on his anti-LGBT+ policies.

She once claimed that the Republican has a “great record” on LGBT+ rights despite banning trans people from serving in the military, among other corrosive federal policies.

The former right-wing pundit has a long history of anti-LGBT+ statements herself, from attacking marriage equality to opposing a bill to ban conversion therapy.