Mary Trump thinks Joe Biden’s inauguration was ‘the worst day’ of her uncle Donald’s life

Mary Trump

Joe Biden’s inauguration was “probably the worst day” of Donald Trump’s life, his niece Mary Trump told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

The clinical psychologist is one of Trump’s fiercest critics and frequently offers familial insights into the “petty, pathetic little man” she unfortunately knows all too well.

She speculated what was going through his mind during his last hours in the White House as he was finally forced to admit he has become what he loathes: a loser.

“This is probably the worst day of his life, because the clock is ticking and he’s running out of time,” Mary Trump told Cooper.

Considering his next moves, she compared her uncle’s video farewell message to one before the siege of the Capitol building two weeks ago.

“It was reminiscent of one of the videos he made directly after the insurrection he incited, saying the movement is just beginning, which seems like a bit of a threat to me,” she suggested.

“My hope is that he be as contained as possible. He’s going to do whatever he can or believes he can to change the narrative, and I think we’re going to see that play out with some of these pardons in excess of a hundred, if I’m hearing that correctly, and some of these pardons will be quite horrific, some of them will be strategic.

“But the bottom line is: he’s out of there.”

Mary then mused on the “pretty grim” time Trump will face after leaving office.

“No more free golf games, no more adulation, 24-hour media attention, no more social media, because there’s no reason for me to see that Facebook and Twitter would reverse their decisions — and a lot of legal trouble,” she predicted.

Among the many legal challenges he faces is a lawsuit from Mary Trump herself, who is suing her uncle and his sister for allegedly conspiring to defraud her of tens of millions of dollars.