Actor Jannik Schümann ‘overwhelmed with love’ after coming out and introducing his boyfriend to the world

Jannik Schümann

German actor Jannik Schümann has come out as LGBT+ on social media, while at the same time introducing his boyfriend to the world.

Schümann, 28, is known for his roles in Close to the Horizon (Dem Horizont so nah), Centre of My World (Die Mitte der Welt) and The Aftermath.

On 26 December, the actor posted a beautiful black and white photo of himself receiving a forehead kiss from his partner Felix Kruck, and captioned it with a heart. Kruck also shared the same photo.


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Fans and fellow celebrities alike sent an outpouring of love and support to Schümann, congratulating him on coming out.

German screenwriter and director Marco Kreuzpaintner commented: “You are amazing. I am soooo happy for you. Well done, superstar. I love you!”

Actor Jochen Schropp added: “Oh, how beautiful Jannik! Proud of you.”

German MEP Rasmus Andresen wrote on Twitter: “Actors coming out is still news because too many people in our society are afraid of being open about their sexuality. All the best Jannik Schümann.”

Fans congratulated the German actor on social media, with one writing on Twitter: “This is so beautiful and sweet, I’m so happy for Jannik.”

“Jannik Schümann’s photo of himself with his boyfriend and the high level of attention shows once again that being queer is far from normal,” wrote another. “These coming-outs are all the more important and beautiful.”

Two days later, Schümann followed up with a message on his Instagram story, saying that he was “overwhelmed” by the love he had received from fans.

He wrote: “I am overwhelmed by all the messages, comments and the love you give us. I have read every single message and cannot put my feelings into words.

“Thank you! 2021 will be a good year. I can feel it.”