Much-loved news anchor comes out as gay and introduces world to his new weatherman fiancé

Steven Romo Stephen Morgan news anchor weather gay

A popular local news anchor has come out as gay and revealed his engagement to a weatherman in a moving Instagram post.

Steven Romo, a news anchor for the ABC News station KTRK Channel 13 in Houston, Texas, took to Instagram to share some “personal news” on 16 July.

Sharing a photo of himself with FOX Weather meteorologist Steven Morgan, he wrote: “I grew up with secrets. My family fought together to hide that we lived in a house full of garbage with a horde of dogs.

“But what they didn’t know, and was arguably even more difficult, was that I had a secret to carry all on my own: I was gay and trying with all my heart not to be.”

Romo said that while he heard from people at church that being gay was wrong, with hindsight he would see that it “saved” him.

“It made me strong,” he said.

“Strong enough to eventually stand next to the best human I’ve ever met and ask him to marry me.”


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Before the two men met, Romo continued, he thought he might never find love, but now he’s the “happiest he’s ever been”.

The engaged couple will soon be moving to New York City to start their lives together.

Weatherman Stephen Morgan struggled to reconcile his sexuality and religion

Steven Romo’s new fiancé, weatherman Stephen Morgan, also shared the same photo to social media and discussed his own struggle with his sexuality while growing up in a religious community.

He wrote: “I often think about one specific prayer I said as a 10-year-old, asking God to keep a ‘secret’ between the two of us.

“Obviously, God knows everything, so it wasn’t like I could hide it from Him. But I could hide it from (most) of my friends…from my family.”

Morgan described his “relief” at finally being out, and said: “I never dreamed of being so happy. Yet here we are. I’m engaged. I’m going to marry Steven Romo.”

Describing his relationship with religion now, he said he knows that “God is love and makes no mistakes”, and added: “God knew a 10-year-old could never keep a secret. Funny. Because I don’t want to keep this a secret any longer.”