Eddie Izzard says she/her pronouns are ‘a request, never a demand’ as Lorraine Kelly apologises for getting them wrong

Lorraine Kelly and Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard shared a frank conversation with Lorraine Kelly about pronouns and living her truth.

The gender-fluid comedian stopped by Lorraine’s ITV morning show on Thursday (7 January), the morning after Trumpist extremists rioted at the US Capitol, wearing a blue “Make Humanity Great Again” cap.

Lorraine began the interview by apologising to Eddie after she, along with Good Morning Britain host Ben Shephard, used he/him pronouns while referring to her earlier on. Eddie recently requested to be referred to with she and her pronouns while appearing on a Sky Arts programme.

“Can I apologise to you if I get it wrong, because we’re still just going along with it?” Lorraine said.

In response, Eddie Izzard explained her use of she/her pronouns “is a request, but never a demand or an insistence”.

The comedian explained that she has “been out for 35 years”, and that news about her pronouns came about simply because she was asked on a TV show.

“Some people twist that and some people get het up about it,” she continued.

“They say: ‘Are you serious about being trans, because we just didn’t know for 35 years.’

“If people have a problem, just call me Eddie. It is no big deal for me. I’m gender fluid and I do all my dramatic roles in boy mode and if people are getting angry… I’m trying to tell the truth.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Lorraine chimed. “As long as you’re a decent human being, and you tell the truth and you tell your own truth, and you’re kind, surely that’s more important than shoving labels on.”

Eddie Izzard ‘gets a wonderful feeling’ when referred to as she and her.

Eddie’s view is simply “live and let live”.

“Anytime someone refers to me as she or her I feel a wonderful feeling,” she said, adding that she isn’t offended “if they go he, or if they call me Eddie or mate or mush… I want everyone to back off it”.

“You are fabulous,” Lorraine replied. “Thank you for saying that. It helps so many people.”

Eddie Izzard appeared on the morning show to explain why she’s running 31 marathons in 31 days for charity.

She also teased that she may one day find her way into politics, saying: “I’m a relentless so-and-so and I will keep going until I get into parliament as an MP.”

Lorraine ended the interview: “You’re a fantastic woman and a fantastic human being. Thank so so much and good luck with all that you’re doing.”