Britney Spears’ anti-vaxxer, flat-Earther ex-husband boasts about attending US Capitol chaos

Jason Alexander: Britney Spears' ex-husband attended US Capitol chaos

Britney Spears’ ex-husband, Jason Alexander, boasted on social media Wednesday (6 January) that he attended the rally that later exploded into the chaos of the US Capitol riots.

Taking to Facebook, the Louisiana boilermaker uploaded a photograph of himself to Facebook wearing a “Trump 45” beanie. Behind him, “Trump 2020”, Blue Lives Matter and Gadsden flags flutter, while pro-Trump supporters chat to vendors and hold banners.

“DC,” Alexander, 38, wrote in the caption. “Millions showed up.” According to the Associated Press, there were thousands, not millions, in attendance.

At the time of writing, it was unclear whether he was directly involved in the ensuing riots that tore through the Capitol complex in an effort to stop Congress from formalising president-elect Joe Biden’s win.


The most liked comment underneath his post read: “And you sir are a d**khead. No wonder Britney divorced your stupid assounds goods.”

Alexander was briefly married to Britney in 2004 as the childhood pals eloped to Las Vegas to get hitched. It was annulled just 55 hours later.

He also attended a “Free Britney” protest outside a Los Angeles, California, court last year in opposition to the pop princess’ ongoing conservatorship.

On Jason Alexander’s Facebook, threatens to ‘kill anyone or thing’ that makes him wear a face mask

Alexander, who lists on his Facebook profile that he is a “journalist researcher at Conspiracy Theories & History”, posted Monday (4 January) a video asking: “Where all my patriots I’m on the Trump train what will you tell your grand kids [sic]” in reference to the Washington DC protest.

“See you in DC,” he noted in the caption.

His public Facebook feed is clogged with conspiratorial memes and theories, such as claims that “NASA lies” and that the Earth is flat, anti-vaccination videos, messages from right-wing commentators such as Candace Owens and rants about why wearing a mask is “tyrannical”.

“I don’t consent to the mark of the beast practices and I don’t value material s**t and I’m locked and loaded ready to kill anyone or thing that trys [sic] to make me, now cowboy up all you b*****s,” Alexander wrote.

He also shared in the post a copied and pasted message that claimed that the US presidential election results constituted a “coup” indicative of the “merge of capitalism into the slide toward socialism”.

“Don’t be surprised if a civil war ensues,” the message began.

Alexander shared a conspiratorial video compilation of Joe Biden sniffing – yes, sniffing – and added: “If I ever meet this f**ker he is getting fed to the alligators straight up.”

At one point, he decried Facebook fact-checkers for taking down his post due to the “false information” it contained and later question whether the pandemic itself is a hoax.

We guess Alexander’s favourite Britney Spears song is “Circus”, because this guy is a major clown.