Fearless, frank and funny gay protest signs inspiring us all to keep the fight going

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We’re just one week into 2021, and so far, it hasn’t been all that great.

Plenty of people had high hopes that 2021 would be somehow better than 2020 – and, in fairness, the bar wasn’t set particularly high, what with COVID-19 ravaging the world last year.

But one week into 2021, it’s not exactly shaping up to be a whole lot better – the pandemic is spreading faster than ever in many parts of the world, and then there’s that small incident you may have read about, where Trump-supporting white supremacists launched an attempted coup.

To make it even worse, people can’t even go out and safely protest in many parts of the world, with coronavirus cases surging.

Luckily, Reddit users are sharing some of the best LGBT+ protest signs that have appeared at marches over the years – and they are truly something to behold.

These signs are timeless, for obvious reasons, and they keep going viral, reminding us all of the unceasing capacity for queer people to find humour even in the darkest times.

Queer people are obsessed with this ‘gay agenda’ protest sign.

LGBT protest sign

A queer person holding a protest sign about the “gay agenda”. (LilliputianMouse/Reddit)

This is not the first time this photo has been shared online – in fact, it’s been bounding around the internet for some time, and with good reason.

The sign, held by an unidentified man, shows a timetable for “the gay agenda”, and largely consists of being gay, being “super gay”, eating brunch and having tacos. In short, it’s pretty relatable – and always gets a few laughs when it goes viral on social media every few months.

The sign was shared on Reddit on Wednesday (6 January) by user LilliputianMouse, and it quickly garnered plenty of attention from those who hadn’t seen it before.

“He forgot hella gay,” one Reddit user quipped, while another wrote: “WE HAVE BEEN EXPOSED!!! Activate emergency protocol asap!! We have no time to lose, the homophobes are planning an attack as we speak!”

Another simply commented: “They leaked Taco Tuesday? Oh god, oh f**k!”

This sign makes an important point – and comes with a sting in the tail.

LGBT protest sign

A man holds an LGBT+ protest sign. (LilliputianMouse/Reddit)

This protest sign has also been shared plenty of times, and with good reason – it’s still bringing joy to people to this day.

The sign reads: “Even if being gay was a choice, so what? People choose to be a*sholes and they get married.”

The photo, also shared by LilliputianMouse, garnered quite the response on Reddit when it was posted on Wednesday (6 January).

“I’m daydreaming about a world where I can come up with something half as clever as this,” one person commented.

Another wrote: “The best part of this sign is, when anyone comes up to object, you can simply state to them, ‘Oh, right. You must be married.'”

Gays everywhere unite in their hatred of ‘racist cops’.

Reddit LGBT protest signs

A man holds a sign that reads: “Bottoms and tops hate racist cops.” (Reddit)

This image was shared six months ago on Reddit, and it got a lot of love from LGBT+ people on the forum.

The photo shows a queer person holding a sign that reads: “Bottoms and tops hate racist cops.”

“I am a switch, but I still hate racist cops,” one person commented.

Another added: “I like this because it doesn’t just say that they hate cops, it says they hate racist cops. Also it rhymes and that’s always a plus.”