Trans influencer Nikita Dragun faces fierce backlash for breaking COVID rules with huge, maskless birthday party

Nikita Dragun lockdown party

Trans influencer and YouTuber Nikita Dragun is facing fierce backlash for breaking COVID restrictions with a huge, maskless birthday party.

On 31 January, Thomas Petrou, a member of the TikTok collective “Hype House LA”, uploaded a YouTube video in which he and other members of the house attended Dragun’s birthday party.

Everyone in the city of Los Angeles is under a strict stay at home order, except for essential activities and exercise, and “private gatherings that include more than three different households are prohibited”.

The clip was shared on social media, fans were quick to call out the influencer, who has nine million Instagram followers and 3.7 million YouTube subscribers, for flouting coronavirus restrictions.

One wrote: “If my little cousins understand that we’re in a pandemic and that we’re not only responsible for our health but also the health of those we live with and others, then I don’t understand at all why these people can’t understand that!

“This is plain selfishness, arrogance, ignorance…”

“Nikita Dragun happy birthday,” wrote another. “Hope you enjoyed the gift of people dying.”

Dragun posted an Instagram story which showed multiple boxes of rapid COVID-19 antigen tests, and wrote: “All my guests were tested.”

It is not clear when her guests were required to take the tests, and according to Harvard Medical School: “False negative results tend to occur more often with antigen tests than with molecular tests. This is why antigen tests are not favoured by the FDA as a single test for active infection.”

One Twitter user added: “Entitled people like her with money sadly do not care, she could have donated tests to people who actually need it! Loads of people have missed out on birthdays and celebrations.”

Less than a month ago, Dragun was also called out for partying maskless on New Year’s Eve.

Dragun flew to Miami just to celebrate, while Los Angeles was still under stay at home orders, and was caught on video by a friend.

In the video she is heard saying: “Everyone’s gonna yell at me because I’m not wearing a mask.”