Nike reveals jaw-dropping collection inspired by tennis icon Serena Williams ahead of the Australian Open

Nike is releasing an amazing collection of Serena Williams inspired t-shirts.

The sports brand will launch the line “soon”, which features t-shirts that celebrate the iconic and record-breaking tennis star.

The collection includes five graphic tees with inspiring phrases like “Unstoppable queen” and “You are strong, powerful and beautiful”.

Plus there’s one that says “Greatest athlete ever”, with the word “female” crossed out because she’s obviously one of the greatest of all time, regardless of gender.

The announcement of the new line comes ahead of the tennis star readying for the Australian Open in Melbourne. The tournament kicks off this month and if Williams wins she will achieve her 24th Grand Slam title and tie with Margaret Court for the most individual titles.

You can see the full collection of t-shirts being released by Nike and where to get them below.

The 'Greatest Female Athlete' t-shirt. (Nike)

The ‘Greatest Female Athlete’ t-shirt. (Nike)

This one celebrates Serena Williams as not just the greatest female athlete ever but as one of the greatest athletes of all time. With this t-shirt Nike is highlighting her 23rd Grand Slam title in Melbourne in April 2017, which she achieved while pregnant, one of her many accomplishments in throughout her career. It’s priced at £29.95 and available from Nike here.

The 'Queen of the Court' t-shirt. (Nike)

The ‘Queen of the Court’ t-shirt. (Nike)

The “Queen of the Court” t-shirt features a graphic with Serena as the queen card, obviously. With this one Nike are celebrating her becoming the oldest female tennis player in history to be ranked number one in the world, which she achieved in 2013 at the age of 31. It’s priced at £29.90 and available from Nike here.

The 'You are Strong, Powerful and Beautiful' t-shirt. (Nike)

The ‘You are Strong, Powerful and Beautiful’ t-shirt. (Nike)

This Serena Williams t-shirt highlights another unstoppable moment with the inspirational phrase “you are strong, powerful and beautiful”. For this one Nike is focusing on her 18th Grand Slam win in 2014, which earned her the fourth position on the all-time majors list. It’s priced at £29.90 and available from Nike here.

The 'Unstoppable Queen' t-shirt. (Nike)

The ‘Unstoppable Queen’ t-shirt. (Nike)

Serena Williams is the unstoppable queen both on and off the court which is celebrated with this t-shirt. Nike are highlighting her accomplishments with this one including becoming the second woman in history to win all four tennis majors and on the world’s stage in 2012. It’s priced at £29.95 and available from Nike here.

The 'I will never stop' t-shirt. (Nike)

The ‘I will never stop’ t-shirt. (Nike)

This graphic translates to “I will never stop” to highlight the athletes defiance against naysayers. Less than nine months after giving birth to her daughter she returned to the court wearing her now-infamous catsuit and despite having to withdraw because an injury she returned to the court only months later. It’s priced at £29.90 and available from Nike here.

To shop the Serena Williams inspired collection at Nike go to the website here.

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