Same-sex couple caught breaching lockdown to have outdoor sex at 2am on coldest night in 26 years

sheep watches as it stands in snow that has settled on Dartmoor on February 2, 2012

A same-sex couple were caught by police breaching lockdown to have sex at a popular dogging spot in Dartmoor National Park on the coldest night in 26 years.

According to the Daily Mailtwo women were caught by police “fornicating under the stars” in their car near the village of Yelverton, Devon, during the early hours of Thursday (11 February), as temperatures hit -3 C.

The women live separately in Plymouth, and had driven around 10 miles to meet up for some late-night romance on the moors.

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said: “During a routine patrol, officers from the Tavistock Neighbourhood Team discovered two people in-breach of social distancing regulations, in a car at a remote location near Yelverton, West Dartmoor, late on Wednesday 10 February.

“The officers spoke to the individuals who were subsequently instructed to return to their respective home addresses; both were reported for breaching COVID-19 regulations.”

Having breached coronavirus rules, the women could now face fines of £200 each.

Although some on social media insisted the freezing cold, outdoor sex could be considered daily exercise in lockdown, Tavistock Police clarified on social media: “Fornicating under the stars, on the moors, may seem like this year’s latest romcom, but it is not an essential journey and certainly breaks social distancing guidance.

“Please continue to abide by COVID-19 legislation to help prevent the spread of COVID.”

One local told the newspaper that the carpark where the same-sex couple had stopped has become a popular dogging spot in recent years.

“From what I gather the couple caught in flagrante last night were two women who had driven the 25-minutes out of Plymouth to a remote car park near Yelverton,” they said.

“They aren’t the only ones, a lot of couples do it. It’s become somewhat of a hotspot in recent times and despite the lockdown, couples are still venturing out.

‘The police regularly patrol car parks and other remote spots around Dartmoor because they know that more often than not doggers will be out breaking the rules.”