Homophobes tried to tear down adorable gay Valentine’s Day advert of two men cuddling. People were having none of it

Two men cosy up on a bed with the words 'Valentine's Day Gift Ideas', 'Top Choice' and an image of a beard trimmer layered on top

An electronics store advertisement that showed a same-sex couple cuddling up on Valentine’s Day was targeted by homophobic trolls because, clearly, they are incapable of love.

A Top Choice branch in Hamrun, Malta, posted an ad for a Phillips beard trimmer on its Facebook page Monday morning (8 February).

It was part of a series of ads for the chain that features a diverse range of couples flogging an electronic product or appliance.

“With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to find that special gift for your loved one,” the caption read.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to find that special gift for your loved one ?

Philips Beard Shaver:

Posted by Top Choice – Electronics & Appliances on Friday, 5 February 2021

But the ad that featured two bearded queer men embracing one another sparked outrage and bluster among homophobes, according to the Times of  Malta.

The comment section became quickly clogged with nearly 1,000 comments.

“That’s disgusting,” one read.

“God created only two different sexual living being – one man and one woman and all other [are] is the violation of his order.”

“This is bulls**t,” another user spewed. “The picture is totally wrong.”

We’re not sure whether anybody wanted abhorrent homophobia for Valentine’s. But that’s just a guess.

Rather than let homophobic commentators, many of whom did not even live in Malta, spoil this simple celebration of love – and, er, good grooming – LGBT+ people and allies leapt to Top Choice’s defence.

Users stressed how Malta has long been a torchbearer when it comes to LGBT+ rights in Europe, being the first EU country to ban conversion therapy, as well as first to add gender identity to its constitution as a protected category,

As a result, they weren’t keen on letting a small group of homophobes tarnish the country’s name.

“Excellent advert and thank you for being courageous in your decision,” a supporter said. “It was time to turn off comments a long time ago as these are obvious people venting their ancient homophobic diatribes.”

Another wrote: “A huge step forward in marketing in such a homophobic place. Gay people were, are, and will always be part of society.”

One user added: “This comment section is PRIME fragile masculinity.”

Top Choice purchasing and marketing manager John Paul Debono told the newspaper that the homophobes’ barbed words were “shameful” considering Malta’s leaps in LGBT+ rights.

Homophobes, he said, have a “backwards mentality”.

“In this campaign, we wanted to include love depiction among different couples; straight, gay and lesbian couples,” he said.

“We do understand that some people may not like these kinds of adverts, however, certain comments that were posted were absolutely dishonest, vulgar, disgusting and very disrespectful.”