Tracy Beaker’s foster mum Cam marries a woman in touching ceremony and fans are overjoyed

Tracy Beaker

The season finale of My Mum Tracy Beaker had a special treat for longtime fans as Tracy’s foster mum Cam finally got her happy ever after – with a woman.

CBBC’s new three-part Tracy Beaker reboot saw Jacqueline Wilson‘s beloved character return to screens as a grown woman and a mother herself. But that’s not all that’s changed.

When the book that inspired the series was first published in 1991 the devastating Section 28 was still in force, which meant that stories with LGBT+ characters could be banned from school libraries.

That may be why Cam’s sexuality was never mentioned in the original Story of Tracy Beaker, even though Wilson certainly intended her to be gay.

“Anybody reading between the lines in the early Tracy Beaker books [would see that] her foster mum Cam, is to my mind, clearly gay,” she told the Independent.

Wilson, who came out herself last year at the age of 74, would go on to give Cam a “very nice girlfriend” in the later books. “I thought it was time she had a bit of fun in her life too,” she said.

But when the story was first adapted for TV in 2002 Cam was presented as straight, and by the time the show concluded in 2005 the character was married to a man named Gary.

Tracy’s Beaker’s come a long way since then, and so has Cam, it seems.

As the final episode of My Mum Tracy Beaker premiered on Friday (12 February), loyal fans were delighted to see Cam finally confirmed as a lesbian, and happily married to a woman named Mary.

It was the happy ending we’ve all been waiting for.