Rainbow Six Siege’s newest recruit is a gay master thief and fans cannot wait: ‘Finally, we win’

Rainbow Six gay operator Flores

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has revealed the newest recruit to join the franchise, Operator Flores, is openly gay, and fans on social media are here for the queer representation.

Debuting this weekend, the official Ubisoft stream is set to fully reveal the new season of Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist in full.

Giving fans and players a first look at what’s to come, the trailer which dropped on Twitter stars its latest joinee Operator Flores, an attacker billed as a master thief.

In the trailer, Flores shows off his creative approach with a remote-controlled drone carrying explosive C4. This gadget will be called the “RCE-Ratero,” according to R6 data miner benjaminstrike and it will reportedly have a five-second timer prior to detonation, unlike the typically instantaneous C4. Not only is he totally badass – but he’s also gay, according to the official page on the Ubisoft Rainbow Six website.

His reveal on social media got the fans in the Rainbow Six Siege community talking and whilst the majority of people seemed please, a few questioned the latest addition to the game.

Speaking on the new character reveal, in-game operator Tori ‘Gridlock’ Fairous made clear: “In general, I’d say he’s a good mate. A bit awkward, but he listens when others speak, which is more than I can say for a lot of people.

“Every night he calls home to talk to his husband, but he’s very private about their relationship (with me at least). He cares about people in general, but his marriage is on another level. Even when he takes off his ring, it never leaves his person.”

Alongside the new operator, either the Coastline or Border maps will reportedly receive a rework. There will likely also be numerous gameplay changes that should have a drastic impact on the meta.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist will debut in a full season reveal hosted by Ubisoft on 21 February at 11 am CT on the Rainbow Six Twitch channel. You can still purchase the current season of Rainbow Six Siege on game.co.uk.

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