How Apex Legends brought much-needed queer representation to the genre of battle royales

Fuse pansexual

From Fuse identifying as pansexual to Gibraltar having a boyfriend, Apex Legends is one of the only FPS games altering how queer representation is included in the gaming world.

Since its release in 2019, Apex Legends has gone above and beyond to make sure it is one of the most inclusive titles in gaming.

With more than 100 million online users engaging in battle to become champions of the Apex arena, the game’s characters and their personal stories have helped highlight representation in many different ways.

As well as Fuse and Gibraltar we have Bloodhound, who identifies as non-binary. Then there is Loba, who is bisexual. It’s clear that the creators at Respawn Entertainment have made sure to include a wide range of ethnicities, genders and more within their hit game: something other developers could learn from.

By showcasing different sexualities and gender identities within the LGBT+ community, Respawn is letting it be known that representation matters, ultimately giving both new and old LGBT+ gamers a place to call home.

Other FPS games like Call of Duty and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege tend to be mainly marketed towards straight white men, and lack LGBT+ representation as a result, although Rainbow Six Siege bucked the trend by recently adding a new gay master thief character Flores who is married to a man in their latest season.

However, wildly-popular battle royale game Apex Legends, which is particularly popular with younger gamers, has gone the extra mile (and then some), with multiple LGBT+ characters, opening doors for gamers seeking true representation. With that in mind, we thought we’d celebrate all of these Legends by doing a mini-profile on each of them to help people who are less familiar with the game. Enjoy!

Mirage and Loba Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment


Technological Tracker Bloodhound has been a fan favourite since season one. Known for their eye-tracking abilities, Bloodhound’s identity has remained a mystery wrapped in layers of rumours ever since their debut episode of Stories from the Outlands. Using singular they/them pronouns, Bloodhound’s non-binary identity was recently confirmed on Twitter by the developers of the game.

Gibraltar – Gay

Gibraltar Apex

Respawn Entertainment

Everyone’s lovable friendly giant Gibraltar has been one of the key figures behind the success of the game. Often referred to as one of the strongest characters in Apex Legends with his tactical “Dome of Protection” and his passive gun shield, Gibraltar (aka Gibby) has been flying the LGBT+ flag since the game’s inception; he’s been confirmed as the game’s first gay Legend. On his character card, the developers of the game reveal that “he and his boyfriend stole his father’s motorcycle”.

Fuse – Pansexual

fuse apex

Respawn Entertainment

This current Legend exploded into the game by revealing that as well as being a badass explosives man, he is in fact, pansexual. Referring to himself as a “Ladies’ man, man’s man, and all-around manly man”, Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy’s arrival excited many fans and players in the LGBT+ community, especially as he’s one of the only pansexual characters to exist in gaming.

Loba – Bisexual

Loba is bisexual


This woman is not to be messed with, in any way, shape or form. Fans were first alerted to Loba Andrade’s sexuality by a voice line in-game that she said upon her arrival in season 5. Describing herself as both a “man-eater and lady killer”, Loba became a fan favourite, with many comparing her to Lara Croft due to her all-round, self-sufficient badass behaviour.

And with senior writer Tom Casiello tweeting: “You all are discovering all our secrets” when a fan asked about her sexuality, the LGBT+ community welcomed her with open arms.

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