Worried grandparents want to stop their gay grandson from having sleepovers with his male best friend

Grandparents gay grandson

Concerned grandparents have written to an agony aunt for advice because they are afraid of their gay grandson having a sleepover with a male friend.

As we all know, it is impossible for queer teenagers to simply be friends, so one boy’s grandparents contacted The Sun‘s advice columnist Deidre Sanders to express their fears of “underage sex”.

“We don’t think our 15-year-old gay grandson should stay over with his best friend when lockdown is relaxed,” the worried grandparents wrote.

They told the agony aunt that it “wasn’t a shock” when their grandson, who is 15-years-old, came out as gay.

But they quickly became concerned when their grandson’s best friend, who is 16-years-old, came out as bisexual.

Grandparents ‘have a right to be concerned’ about underage sex

The boy’s mother now wants to stop her son and his best friend from having sleepovers together when lockdown is over because she is petrified that they could have sex after the teen admitted he had kissed his friend before.

His grandparents are in agreement, but they’re worried they could inadvertently teach him that there is “something wrong with being gay” if their daughter “puts her foot down”.

“But we are all worried about underage sex,” the terrified grandparent concluded.

In her response, Sanders told the worried grandparents that they are “right to be concerned” about the dangers of underage sex.

More worrying is that Sanders goes on to suggest that their grandson’s sexuality may just be down to “confusion”. Where have we heard that one before?

“Your grandson has said he is gay – which he may well be – but giving himself a label isn’t necessary in his teens,” Sanders wrote.

She continued: “Heightened hormones and having unstable friendships can add to the confusion. This and thoughts about our sexuality settle down with maturity.”

Sanders urged the boy’s mother to talk to him about sex and how to “look after himself”.

If anyone is looking for us, we’ll be searching for a time machine to take us back to 2021.