‘Hateful Karen’ throws homophobic fit as she asks teen if he ‘likes it up the a**hole’

Karen throws homophobic fit as she asks teen if he 'likes it up the a**hole'

At a one dollar store in Florida, US, a “hateful Karen” decided today was the day she would spar with a group of teenagers and erupt into a homophobic fit.

What a way to spend your finite time on this planet.

In mobile phone footage uploaded to TikTok on Saturday (28 February), the maskless woman screamed at a group of teens between a sunglasses stand and a rack of party supplies at a Dollar Tree in Jacksonville.

All because, witnesses said, she bought a “queer” boy with “no money” some snacks. After which she began following and verbally assailing them, they claimed.

In one startling moment captured on video, the unknown person gets into the face of a teen and asks: “Are you queer?

“What are you? You like it up the a**hole?”

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She darts between the teens, lobbing barbs (and a lot of spit) at them before leaving and coming back to deliver one final expletive-rammed rant.

Showing off her, er, dazzling wit, the person recording the video at one point asks her: “Are you OK?”

“You’re not OK!” she hits back. Before threatening to dial the police after a teen asks whether she’s fit to drive her car. “You’re gonna hurt somebody if you go drive your car,” they say.

But all her efforts to roil the suitably masked teens fail as she leaves in a huff while the teens giggle.

‘Homophobic comments were the only thing Karen could think of to say’

The lesbian TikTok user who recorded the videos later explained that she and her girlfriend walked in on the scuffle between the “hateful” and “unhinged Karen” and a group of boys aged between 13 and 14-years-old.

“My girlfriend and I were going to Dollar Tree, minding our own business,” she said.

“As we walk in, we see this woman screaming at these kids, calling them queers and other nasty and inappropriate comments. They were obviously uncomfortable.

“They said they were being followed and harassed by this lady, we didn’t know much about the backstory until things calmed down.”

The woman resorted to “homophobic comments because that’s the only thing she can think of to say”,” she explained.

The user added that the teens told her the woman had followed them into the Dollar Tree after she bought one of them some snacks but then immediately “started going crazy on him”.

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“She’s a grown woman,” she added, “whether this was ‘provoked’ or not, her behaviour was gross and unacceptable. These are teenage boys.”

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