Eddie Izzard doesn’t have time for TERFs and ‘isn’t mucking about’ with her plans to become an MP

Eddie Izzard, comedian and political activis

Eddie Izzard has opened up about why she doesn’t have time for TERFs – and how she plans to win a seat in the next general election as a Labour candidate.

The comedian and actor’s career has spanned decades, but her next steps could be in Westminster if her plans come to fruition.

When asked about her previous vow to become Britain’s first trans MP in an interview with The Guardian, Izzard replied: “Yep. I’m not mucking about with this. I’m going in. If something goes wrong, if I stand in a by-election and I don’t get in, I’ll still go on.

“It doesn’t really matter because I am a relentless b*****d.”

She continued: “If moderate people don’t go into politics then you leave it to egotistical extremists who are happy to lie. Moderates have got to go in. I’m a radical and a moderate.”

Izzard has previously said she would stand as a Labour candidate, having been a member since 1995. She explained that, while she does radical things in her personal life, her political views are “moderate”.

Eddie Izzard ‘saddened’ by TERFs

Elsewhere in the interview, Izzard said that although trans-exclusionary “radical feminists” sadden her, they aren’t her focus.

“How do we change that conversation? I can’t come up with a magic wand and provide an answer for everyone. I’m just trying to create a space for myself and anybody else who wants to slipstream behind that.

“But if you sat me down with some radical feminists I’m not sure whether we would sort everything out.”

Eddie Izzard said the entire discussion is a waste of political energy, adding: “I’d like to get to the place where we don’t have to have this fight because I’m trying to deal with rightwing fascists and what they say.”

The trailblazing comedian made headlines last year when she announced that she would be using she/her pronouns and would be “based in girl mode” going forward.

 I have floated this thing up as slowly as I f**king can. Thirty-five f**king years, mate, how much warning do you need?

She was met with a tidal wave of hate from anti-trans campaigners who cruelly mocked her pronouns and gender identity on social media.

In her interview with The Guardian, Eddie Izzard admitted that she was shocked by some of the vitriol she was subjected to following her announcement.

“Some people are going: ‘Are you serious?’ I have floated this thing up as slowly as I f**king can. Thirty-five f**king years, mate, how much warning do you need?”

She added: “I was the right person to come out because if people were going to hurl abuse at me in the streets, as they have done, I would hurl it back. Sometimes it would just be us standing in the street swapping abuse or if they fight me, I’ll fight them back.”