Scottish election candidate claims COVID-19 ‘possibly related’ to same-sex marriage

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A candidate for the Scottish parliament is running a campaign based on his opposition to same-sex marriage, claiming “COVID-19 is possibly related to it”.

Peter Tait is running as an independent candidate for the Shetland MSP seat, and told the Shetland Times that basing his election campaign on his opposition to same-sex marriage meant he was “representing as best I can things that God would want me to represent”.

He added: “COVID is possibly related to it.”

Tait, a former mussel farmer, also stood in the 2019 by-election on a pledge to moved the monarchy to Scotland. He admitted at the time that he was “not really interested in local politics, but insisted: “Our greatest national problem is the off-centre position of the Crown which exacerbates the division between Catholic and Protestant and perpetuates the division of Ireland and makes Brexit difficult if not impossible.”

He received just 31 votes.

According to Shetland News, speaking from his home in Walls, Shetland, this week, he said: “At the last election I stood on an issue that I thought we should be doing as a nation, this time I am standing on an issue that I think we should not be doing as a national community – and that is gay marriage.

“It is by its very nature a more divisive issue that last time, but as a community we have never had the opportunity to oppose it.

“I think it is an issue that alienates our country before God… It is against the law of God as written in the bible.”

Asked by the Shetland Times if he expected there would be backlash against his campaign, Tait said: “I suppose there likely will.”

According to the forum ShetLink, Tait wrote a letter to the newspaper in 2013, in which he said: “To say that they don’t have a choice is a depressing and sad comment.

“Homosexuals can overcome their particular problem and live celibate lives.

“We should not remove hope from their particular situation… This indulgence (sodomy) can never be an acceptable or respectable practice.”