Totally Accurate Battlegrounds: extremely silly, hilarious PUBG parody goes free-to-play on Steam

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

If you’re over battle royale games like Fortnite, PUBG or Warzone, perhaps it’s time to give Totally Accurate Battlegrounds a go.

The parody game has just gone free-to-play since it released back in 2018 and it’s a hilarious take on the genre.

Originally conceived as an April Fools’ Day spin-off of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, the game has become far more popular than developer Landfall expected, and going free-to-play is only going to expand the player base further.

As with other battle royales, you’ll fly in from the sky and compete with others to be the last person standing as the arena gradually closes in on you.

Here, though, the wobbly physics are pretty wild and you have access to some bizarre weapons alongside the usual guns and melee items. There’s a hand gun that’s a literal hand; a powerful holy sword; a balloon crossbow; an inflatable hammer…or you could just smack someone with a fish. 

As the Steam page describes: “Start the match skydiving face-first into a building and end the game by beating your opponents in a guns-blazing game of the floor is lava.”

Sixty players duke it out in squads, duos or solo, with blessings and curses doled out at the end for those who do well (or badly).

The game is available now, but on 19 April 2021 it will receive an update with lots of new features. That includes cosmetic options like weapon skins, new catchphrase packs and an update to the system, plus a paid season pass with various free rewards.

If you’re already a fan and own the game, then Landfall has you covered. You will receive 1000 Money Coins to spend in the in-game shop (that’s around $6) and can keep all your existing cosmetics. You will also get a tracksuit to enable a special song to accompany your killing spree.

Check out the new Totally Accurate Battlegrounds trailer below.