Enlisted open beta: How to join the new World War II game on Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC


Enlisted is a brand-new PC, PS5 and Xbox World War II set game that’s just entered open beta just in time for the weekend.

Available on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S (with crossplay enabled), the open beta starts from today (Friday 9 April).

Enlisted is a first-person shooter MMO that puts players in historical campaigns from throughout World War II, which you can complete by teaming up with friends online.

So far two Enlisted campaigns are available. The first is the Battle of Moscow, which took place from 1942 to 1943 between Germany and the USSR. The second is the 1944 Invasion of Normandy playing as either the US or German armies.

Those campaigns contain dozens of individual missions, across different game modes and locations within the battles.

Enlisted is a realistic and historically accurate take on World War II, then, with a stunning aesthetic that looks to make use of the next-gen power of the new consoles like the PS5, highlighting the horror of the war.

In terms of gameplay, players fight as a squad of soldiers of various classes they can swap between at any time. Each class has their own equipment and weapon sets – the engineer, for instance, can construct fortifications and stationary guns. There are also vehicles you can control unique to each campaign.

So how can you join the open beta?

For console users, including PS5, simply select the store listing on your system of choice. The game itself is free-to-play, but paid for DLC packs are available.

These DLC packs, if bought, will carry over into the main game upon official release.

For PC players, it’s a little more complicated. You’ll first need to sign up for a Gaijin account, the game’s developer. You’ll then need to download the Windows launcher, which you can find a link for in this forum post.

Anyone who participated in the closed beta test will have their progress wiped, but Gaijin are offering various rewards as a thank you.

Check out a trailer for the PC/ PS5 and Xbox Series X|S game below.