Trump ally Angela Stanton-King unleashes vile transphobic rant against her own daughter and Dr Phil

Angela Stanton-King

Failed congressional candidate and Trump-supporter Angela Stanton-King has exploded in a hate-filled tirade against her trans daughter and Dr Phil.

Stanton-King previously spent two years in prison over federal conspiracy charges for her role in a car theft ring but was pardoned by Donald Trump in February 2020. She then tried to challenge the late John Lewis for his seat in the Georgia House of Representatives. But she was ultimately unsuccessful.

Earlier this year, Stanton-King denigrated her daughter for coming out as trans in a series of tweets, according to LGBTQ Nation. She tweeted about how she “fought for my son & sacrificed to raise him. While his Dad was rotting in prison. Just for him to grow up and decide he wants to be a woman. Seriously wtf.”

Stanton-King took part in an episode of the Dr Phil show on Monday (5 April), according to Queerty. She was invited onto the show to “have a chance to settle your dispute and find a resolution” with her daughter.

After the taping of the Dr Phil show, Stanton-King went on a transphobic tirade which she posted on Instagram. In the video, she blasted Dr Phil and the show’s producers for portraying her as a “bad parent” because they “can’t force me to believe that my son is a woman”.

“F**k Dr Phil. F**k his motherf*****g wife,” Stanton-King said. “F**k goddamn Paramount studios. F**k all you other crazy dumba** sons of b*****s that think a dick is somehow magically turned into a pussy.”

She also called notable advocate and trans woman Ashlee Marie Preston, who also appeared on the show, a transphobic slur. Angela Stanton-King called Preston a “tr***y”, referred to her as “sir” and attacked her for not having biological children.

Preston said she was brought on to the Dr Phil show to “offer expertise and help in facilitating the healing process between mother and trans daughter,” she wrote on Instagram.

She also shared Angela Stanton-King‘s tirade on her Instagram. Preston wrote that Stanton-King contacted the Dr Phil show because she wanted to “repair my relationship with my child”. She said Stanton-King’s actions were “why you need to show up for Black trans women”.

Preston wrote: “I may not be able to birth children but I have mothered and mentored more people in this life than I can count. I have the stretch marks on my heart to prove it…

“I am not afraid of [Stanton-King] nor her Maga following. Given the recent onslaught of anti-trans legislation happening across the country; I’d say I’m just getting started.”

But Stanton-King denied she had contacted the show. She shared a screenshot from a producer inviting her onto the show on Instagram to “find a resolution” with her daughter. Stanton-King wrote on Instagram the Dr Phil show “contacted me offering help” but then said the show was full of “liars”.

“They are liars pushing their agenda of turning as many black men and boys as they can into women,” Stanton-King said.


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Preston later posted an interview with Stanton-King’s trans daughter, Jaybies, where the pair talked about their experiences of being Black trans women and the Dr Phil show. Jaybies said some of the “most ignorant, most hateful things in the world for me have come from my own mother”.

She said she never expected her mother would change from being on the show. Instead, Jaybies said she went on the show to be “representation” and “show people that they’re not alone”.

“Growing as a queer child in these households when you have these disgusting, ignorant parents, you can really feel alone,” she said. “People do not understand how alone you feel.”

Jaybies explained she wanted to show any young queer person watching the show that there was someone like them.