New Nintendo Switch title Miitopia includes same-sex dating… sort of


Nintendo just dropped a new trailer for their forthcoming Switch RPG Miitopia with plenty of fresh details.

The game is a remaster of the 3DS title of the same name, putting a Mii spin on RPG gameplay.

Mii are player-created characters that originated with the Wii console as your menu avatar. In the Nintendo Switch Miitopia, they become the characters in the game.

That means using your own designed Mii characters as your party members, townspeople and even the Dark Lord who you journey to defeat in typical turn-based battles.

What’s more, you can develop the relationships between the Mii characters in your party. Have them bunk up together in the inn after battle and they’ll form relationships, so you can watch them get along and support one another in battle or eventually fall out. You can also send them off on dates to the cafe, the cinema or karaoke.

Ok, so technically Nintendo calls them “outings” and they’re not dating but developing “friendships”. But considering these Mii are completely player-created, there’s room for interpretation.

Elsewhere, the new video details Miitopia‘s job system. As with the classes in typical RPGs, each Mii in your battle party has a job role to play, ranging from the typical mage, cleric and warrior, to the more quirky chef, popstar or even a cat. Each comes with distinct skills to aid in battle.

The personalities you choose for your Mii also have an impact in battle. A kind character may protect others but spare enemies, while a stubborn character may attack twice but refuse help from others.

You also have a customisable horse, because why not? You can tweak its look (so yes, a rainbow unicorn is totally valid) and nurture your bond with it so it assists in battle.

Miitopia is due out on 21 May for Nintendo Switch. Below is the trailer in full for all the details.