Demi Lovato says ‘nothing can shake her’ after sharing her truth about addiction and assault

Demi Lovato Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show

Demi Lovato has opened up about watching her intensely personal docuseries, sharing she had an “anxiety attack” after seeing it for the first time.

The Grammy-nominated singer virtually joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Friday (9 April) to discuss her docuseries Demi Lovato: Dancing With The Devil. The YouTube series details Lovato’s substance abuse, overdose and her journey to sobriety, and sees her share her story of losing her virginity to rape.

Lovato spoke with Fallon about her reaction to watching the documentary.

“I had, like, a physical reaction the first time that I watched it, like [an] anxiety attack,” Demi Lovato said. “But it’s been good, and a part of telling my story is taking ownership and just owning my truth.”

She said he has watched the series “three or four times maybe”, adding: “No matter what people say when they watch it, it doesn’t matter … I’m standing in such truth that nothing that anyone can say can shake me.”

The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer said she had to “work through a lot of things” before she could tell her story on camera. But, she said, she’s “been working on myself and putting in a lot of work behind the scenes” so she felt “completely secure to tell” her story.

“It’s been really cathartic, really, really therapeutic,” she said.

She also talked about her new album Dancing with the Devil… The Art of Starting Over, which is a companion piece to her new docuseries. Demi Lovato told Fallon that she was especially excited to have worked with Ariana Grande, who appears on the track “Met Him Last Night”.

She said she and Grande “have known each other for several years” and have always “talked about wanting to do a song together”, but “it just never happened”.

“She’s just been someone that’s really, really supportive of my career, but when it came time for this album, I played her some of the songs … and she started writing this song with me in mind,” Lovato revealed. “She played it for me, and she was like ‘I have this song. I want to help share your story’.”

She said Grande initially wanted to be a “mystery, harmony background lady”, but Lovato convinced her to take a bigger part.