‘Now I know why he’s called Woody’ – Lil Nas X shares ‘Montero’ video of Toy Story icon grinding on Satan

Lil Nas X

Ever wondered what Toy Story’s Woody would look like getting down on Satan’s lap? Now you’ve got Lil Nas X to thank.

The rapper shared a video on his Twitter that basically proves how Woody got his name.

The video is taken from a YouTube clip from modder Robbin Rams, who specialises in remaking music videos in GTA V. Check out this Daft Punk Megamix, or this rendition of Lil Nas X’s previous hit “Old Town Road”.

The latter video features a Woody from Toy Story character who reappears with Buzz Lightyear in a new video for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” that sees the two getting pretty intimate.

Woody descends into some form of hell, receives angel wings so he can fly alongside his love, and they share a kiss as the sun sets. Bless them.

The clip Lil Nas X shared, though, is from a second “deleted scene” video from the YouTube creator that’s far filthier.

It’s a recreation of the music video’s infamous Satan lap dance scene, with Woody now riding in the lap of Hellboy. The chorus plays, Woody spins on a pole and writhes with hip action like you’ve never seen before.

It’s the cheeky wave at the end that really gets us though.

“Now i know why he’s called Woody,” says one YouTube comment.

The rapper shared a clip from the video on his Twitter with the line “damn this kingdom hearts update hittin”, which got quite the reaction.



It’s not the first time we’ve seen the “Montero” video recreated in a video game, though.

Last week, the rapper shared a recreation of his video in the far more innocent Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Dancing in front of Isabelle and Tom Nook? A Dodo Airways trip to Hell? A throne of flames? It’s all there.

Clearly the rapper’s latest hit is taking gamers on quite the ride.