‘We deserve a Black tag’: Queer Twitch streamer launches campaign to improve visibility on the platform

A_TypicalQueer Black Tag

Twitch streamers have launched a campaign for a Black tag on the platform.

The campaign was started by streamer A_TypicalQueer on 13 April and is already picking up traction among the streaming community.

It calls for Twitch to add a Black tag because the community “has always deserved representation in every single space that we exist in.”

Tags are used by streamers to define their streams by different types of content, be it game genres, language, or LGBT+, allowing streamers and viewers to discover one another through search.

“There are content creators who feel invalidated because we are unable to find other members of the Black community on Twitch, especially during a time that we need to stand as one,” reads the campaign.

“The Black community deserves representation, validation and acknowledgment. We deserve a Black tag so that we can find, communicate and uplift each other.”

There are thriving communities of underrepresented groups on Twitch, but the platform is often criticised for only showcasing straight, white, male streamers.

Just last month, the Twitch UK & Ireland account highlighted only white male streamers in its Saint Patrick’s Day tweet, condemned by many.

An apology was later issued in reply, saying “Thank you for holding us to account” and promising to do better.

The inclusion of a Black tag would be one such improvement, providing a method not only for the community to discover and acknowledge one another, but for viewers to more easily find the wealth of Black talent on the platform that too often goes unnoticed.

This new petition follows a similar request for a Trans tag that launched two years ago. Though acknowledged by Twitch, the tag has not been created and an alternative solution has not been provided.

Trans streamers such as Nikatine, Miabyte and MSTRSSFOX have been campaigning for the tag, with plenty of support from other streamers.

Where Twitch is yet to act, Trans Lifeline have stepped in with their Peer2Peer.Live platform. Streamers can easily sign up to the platform where they can tag their streams with identity tags and not just types of content.

That means a Black tag, trans tag, and tags around other ethnicities, sexualities, genders and more are all available.

So far, Twitch are yet to respond to the Black tag campaign. 

You can vote on the campaign here.