New Torchwood audio drama pulled following John Barrowman allegations

John Barrowman

A Torchwood audio drama starring John Barrowman has been scrapped amid allegations that the star repeatedly exposed himself to former co-workers.

The Captain Jack Harkness actor’s conduct came under scrutiny following a resurfaced video in which his co-star Noel Clarke recalled how Barrowman would “take his d**k out every five seconds” and slap it on colleagues.

Shortly after this two former runners told the Guardian that Barrowman did indeed “get his genitals out on a regular basis,” but stressed that his actions were not predatory.

In the wake of the allegations, Doctor Who audio producers Big Finish have moved to distance themselves from the star.

The company, which is licensed by the BBC to produce official Doctor Who and Torchwood audio plays, was due to release a new story this month called Torchwood: Absent Friends.

In it, Captain Jack was due to be reunited with the Doctor, voiced by David Tennant, who played the character on TV between 2005-2010.

However, Big Finish has now confirmed it will not be moving forward with the release, with a spokesperson telling Metro: “We only have one upcoming title featuring John Barrowman – Torchwood: Absent Friends.

“We have no plans to publish this title at this time.”

Although Big Finish did not directly state that Barrowman’s behaviour was the reason, it comes after he was axed from Doctor Who: Time Fracture, an interactive exhibit which was set to feature a pre-recorded video message from the actor.

A statement on the show’s website read: “Immersive Everywhere has taken the decision to remove [John Barrowman’s] pre-record from Doctor Who: Time Fracture.

“We will continue to include content that pays tribute to this brilliant show that is Torchwood so as not to disappoint its fans, and are working on an exciting storyline to be announced soon.”

In a statement to the Guardian earlier this month John Barrowman apologised for his “high-spirited behaviour,” which was “only ever intended in good humour to entertain colleagues on set and backstage”.

He said he had come to understand this actions upset co-workers, but insisted that his actions were not sexually charged. He added that he changed his behaviour after he was admonished by Doctor Who producer Julie Gardner in 2008.

“With the benefit of hindsight, I understand that upset may have been caused by my exuberant behaviour, and I have apologised for this previously,” he said.

“Since my apology in November 2008, my understanding and behaviour have also changed.”