Disney announces new six-part series PRIDE, ‘chronicling the struggle for LGBT+ civil rights in America’

PRIDE is a six-part docuseries coming to Star on Disney Plus. (Disney)

Disney has announced details of PRIDE, a six-part LGBT+ documentary series.

PRIDE chronicles the struggle for LGBT+ civil rights in America and it’s heading to streaming services from 25 June.

Viewers will be able to catch the docuseries, which comes from six renowned LGBT+ directors, exclusively on Star on Disney+.

The directors featured are Tom Kalin, Andrew Ahn, Cheryl Dunye, Anthony Caronna and Alex Smith, Yance Ford and Ro Haber.

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The limited series spans the FBI surveillance of LGBT+ people during the 1950s Lavender Scar, to the first Gay Pride march of the 1970s, as well as the culture wars of the 1990s and beyond.

PRIDE will highlight leading LGBT+ figures such as Civil Rights pioneer Bayard Rustin, writer Audre Lord and Senators Tammy Baldwin and Lester Hunt.

In addition, other episodes will shine a spotlight on lesser-known figures including 1980s videographer Nelson Sullivan, who chronicled a vanishing downtown New York City during the AIDS epidemic.

PRIDE also looks at the evolution of trans rights and identities through the decades via interviews and archival footage of pioneers including Christine Jorgensen, Flawless Sabrina, Ceyenne Doroshow, Susan Stryker, Kate Bornstein, Dean Spade and Raquel Willis.

The announcement of the documentary series has received a cautiously positive response from social media.

A number of people have noted the importance of a platform like Disney+ producing an LGBT+ docuseries, but have also highlighted the lack of  representation in Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars films.

One Twitter user said: “Whilst I appreciate the benefit of this reaching younger generations. This better not be a performative Pride Month one-off Disney.”

They added that Disney should “fully commit to that queer representation.”

Others echoed this sentiment saying: “Glad to see that the documentary will be seen by a young audience but @Disney has a very long way to go in terms of queer representation in their films and shows, and we now need to actually see the work put in #RepresentationMatters.”

Another added: “Alright this is good progress but I urge you to practice what you preach. Please allow explicitly queer relationships into Marvel, Star wars and Pixar projects.”

Someone else responded with a heart emoji but also said what many have been for years, “now give us an LGBTQ+ Disney princess.”

So here’s hoping this is a step in the right direction for more LGBT+ characters and actors in Disney films.

The six-part docuseries will premiere exclusively on Star on Disney+ on 25 June in the UK, with all episodes dropping at once.

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