Burger King grills Chick-fil-A over anti-LGBT+ donations with mouth-watering Pride Month offer

rainbow Burger King

Burger King has slyly roasted Chick-fil-A over it continuing anti-LGBT+ donations, declaring: “The #ChKing says LGBT+ rights!”

Notorious US fast food chicken chain Chick-fil-A, owned by billionaire Dan Cathy, has a long history of opposing LGBT+ rights.

The Baptist family-owned chicken chain which famously closes on Sundays has explicitly stated that it is opposed to equal marriage and it supports a repeal of same-sex marriage in the US.

Despite promising to stop donating to anti-LGBT+ causes, Cathy later changed his mind, and it was recently revealed that he had been pouring money into the National Christian Charitable Foundation (NCF), which is leading the fight against the Equality Act.

In the first fews days of Pride month, Burger King took to Twitter to roast Chick-fil-A and “throw some much-needed shade”, writing: “The #ChKing says LGBT+ rights!

“During Pride month… your chicken sandwich craving can do good! we are making a donation to Human Rights Campaign for every Ch’King sold.”

The fast food restaurant said it would be making the donations “even on Sundays” with a perfectly placed side-eye emoji.

Customers were overjoyed, with one writing: “[Burger King] throwing some much needed shade.

“I normally order a Whopper but I think I’ll be trying the chicken sandwich this month. No homophobia chicken here.”

“Brilliant,” wrote another. “Happy Pride!”

However, some questioned why the donations to LGBT+ causes had to stop after Pride Month, and why customers were expected to buy products before Burger King supported the queer community.

One Twitter user wrote: “Donations predicated on people giving a company money just always feel hollow. Pay it forward, make a donation, and wait for the good will in the form of brand loyalty.”

Another suggested: “You should continue to do this after Pride month.

“Your new slogan could be: ‘Taste great without the hate’.”