Unhinged preacher resoundingly mocked after claiming he can’t be a ‘f*g’ because he has ‘callused knees’

Pastor Tony Spell anti-LGBT coronavirus COVID-19

Louisiana pastor Tony Spell has declared he is definitely not a “homo-effeminate” preacher because “heroes have callused knees”, in a bizarre, homophobic sermon.

In a viral video clip, the anti-LGBT+ preacher yelled: “There’s enough f*g, queer, skinny-jeaned, homo-effeminate, sissy preachers out there with makeup and mascara on their eyes for the camera.

“Isn’t about time you get some sweat on your forehead? Isn’t about time you get some dirt under your nails and get some grease on your hands? Isn’t about time you get some blood on your sword? Cursed be the man that keepeth his sword from blood.”

“We need heroes in this hour! Heroes have callused knees. Heroes might get terminated from their jobs. Heroes might not get invited to the family reunion.”

Spell is now being mercilessly mocked on social media, because even if he claims to hate the “f*g, queer, skinny-jeaned, homo-effeminate” preachers, his “calloused knees” appear to tell a different story.

When one social media commenter said that their “gaydar was going off” while watching the clip, another responded: “It’s the calloused knees.”

“You just know he’s gonna be caught in a motel with a guy with callouses on his knees,” one person wrote.

Another asked: “Has anyone looked to see if he’s on Grindr?”

Pastor Tony Spell told people to donate their coronavirus stimulus cheques to his church

While millions of people in the United States are out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic, Tony Spell recently told his followers to donate their stimulus cheques to his church.

Spell, who is facing six misdemeanour charges after he hosting a church service and flouting coronavirus restrictions because “true Christians don’t mind dying of the coronavirus”, said in a video: “Three rules. Number one, 19 April, 2020, it begins.

“Number two, donate your stimulus money.

“Number three, donate it to Evangelists, North American Evangelists who haven’t had an offering in a month.”

Anyone who didn’t have a church, he said, should donate it to his church.

One commenter wrote: “Hope this guy goes bankrupt and has to eat ‘thoughts and prayers’ for dinner. Nothing is as gross as this.”