First openly trans bishop of Evangelical Lutheran church wants to show trans people they can have faith

Megan Rohrer is first openly trans bishop elected to Lutheran church

Megan Rohrer, the first trans bishop of the Lutheran Church, hopes their appointment helps people to see “a new job that might be possible for trans people”.

Rohrer was elected bishop of the Sacramento-based Sierra Pacific synod in May, which covers almost 200 different congregations in California and Nevada.

Reflecting on their appointment, Rohrer told Insider: “I know that this job is historic and helps people imagine a new job that might be possible for trans people.

“Just as trans people had to show they could be good teachers and good police officers and in the military. This is kind of just one more profession that people could see themselves being a part of.”

Rohrer also said that people need to see positive examples of trans people living their lives successfully and happily.

“So much of the news cycle of what trans people’s lives are like is about violence and danger and struggle and will your family love you,” Rohrer explained.

Trans bishop Megan Rohrer wants more good news stories about trans people

“Like questioning whether or not trans people can have healthy, productive, stress-free lives.”

“As long as the story is only told based on the hurdles that have been difficult in the lives of trans people, then the more trans people are going to wonder, ‘Well, what if I’m not strong enough to make it over all of those hurdles? Should I be alive today?'”

They added: “I’m just excited for more trans and non-binary folk to know that there’s a full diversity of ways that you can express yourself, that you can have a family, and maybe even have faith.”

When Rohrer was elected bishop of the Sierra Pacific synod, he said he was “humbled and honoured, and aware that this call is bigger than me”.

In a speech delivered in May, Rohrer said: “My hope is that your grandkids will call you, and your kids will call you, and your friends will call you, and ask you about your faith.

“And when they call, tell them how much you love Jesus and why Jesus’ faith in you meant why you could have faith in me.”