Spanish Twitch streamer banned because someone else showed their bum

Ibai Twitch streamer

Popular Spanish Twitch streamer Llanos ‘Ibai‘ Garatea has been banned because someone else showed their bum.

Ibai was hosting a “battle of wits” that appears to be some sort of roasting battle.

At one point, one of the contestants bares his behind to the other. Nudity is against Twitch terms of service even if from someone else, so Ibai received a ban.

This will be the third time he’s been banned on the platform. And as he explained on his Twitter, all three times have been for external incidents.

It’s a prime example of being aware of the content on your stream, even if it’s from others.

The clip in question can be seen here. The incident is followed by someone saying “F in the chat”, a common meme for when something goes wrong.

Ibai’s channel is now back online, so the ban was a short temporary suspension.

With 6.4 million subscribers on Twitch and 4.5 million Twitter followers, Ibai is one of the most popular streamers across social media.

Twitch has been cracking down on nudity across the platform, particularly following the “hot tub meta” debate where streamers were creating content in swimwear while in hot tubs, stretching the boundaries of allowed content.

They’ve since added a ‘Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches’ category specifically for this type of content.

However, Amouranth had advertising removed from her stream following hot tub content, while ExoHydraX was banned for supposedly twerking.

More recently, JubileeBlais was suspended for promoting her OnlyFans account, as promoting sexual explicit material is not allowed.

So while hot tub content is allowed on the platform in certain contexts, nudity is totally forbidden – even if it’s someone else, something Ibai learned the hard way.

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