Star Trek legend George Takei receives outpouring of love after sharing heartfelt Father’s Day regret

George Takei

The internet has assured George Takei that he’s everyone’s “favourite uncle” after he expressed his regret at never becoming a father.

On Father’s Day, (Sunday 20 June), the gay Star Trek icon wrote on Twitter: “One of my biggest regrets was never becoming a dad.

“In my generation, coming of age in the 50s and 60s, it just wasn’t something very available to gay men, even those in couples.

“But I’m happy I could still be ‘Uncle George’ to so many.”

But the internet was quick to remind the actor of the huge impact he’s had on so many LGBT+ people.

One Twitter user wrote: “You are my favourite beloved uncle, Uncle George.

“Lifetime Star Trek fan and proudly LGBT.

“You changed the world, and we are better for it.”

Another said: “A gay uncle, who’s a father figure to many people whom you don’t even know, and who is also an action hero movie and television star, and one of the best advocates there is for AAPI and LGBT+ people everywhere.

“Pretty good resume, if you ask me.”

A mother of a gay son said: “You are such a beautiful human.

“My ex disowned my son because he’s gay. You and many others paved the way for my son to be his true self and not hide his identity.”

One person explained that their relationship with their father had left them with “lifelong trauma”, but told Takei: “I’ve been dreading Father’s Day for months, but knowing I’ve got my Uncle George makes it so much better.”

Fans sent so much love to Takei that “Uncle George” began trending on Twitter, and celebrities including Perez Hilton and Michelle Belanger joined.

Hilton wrote: “We would love a grandpa, George! Come over any time!”

Belanger added: “I think you are many peoples’ favourite gay dad, George Takei.”