Rocket League players fight back against pathetic homophobic trolls trying to ruin esports event

Rocket League

A Rocket League esports event on Twitch was raided by homophobic remarks, forcing moderators to initiate emote only chat.

For Pride month, developer Psyonix introduced a specific vehicle with rainbow coloured wheels, as well as new Player Anthems from LGBT+ artists like Lil Nas X and Troye Sivan.

However, a vocal portion of the game’s community have been upset about this inclusion.

And so, at the Rocket League Championship Series European Grand Finals match between Team Vitality and Team BDS, homophobic viewers raided the chat spamming the repeated line: “❗TPYE THIS IF YOU DON’T SUPPORT LGBTQ” (sic)

Moderators were forced to initiate emote only mode to avoid further repeats, where thankfully Pride emotes flooded the screen in response as Rocket League players rushed to show their support for the LGBT+ community.

Then, in between the EU and NA finals matches, a special edition of the podcast First Touch took place, where chat participants decided to mock the majority black cast.

Caster Sean Rogers responded afterwards on Twitter.

“Hey losers your racism is showing & I’ll remember all your names for the future :)” he remarked.

Streamer and Spacestation Gaming content creator Neatoqueen tweeted her disappointment.

“extremely disappointed with the way RLCS twitch chat erupted in homophobia,” she wrote. “It did made me happy to see all the pride emotes flood the chat once they switched it to emote only mode”

One response to her claims that “@RLEsports chat is always like that, it’s a toxic cesspool.”

Other players have voiced their concerns at the lack of moderation in the community.

Rocket League is a car racing sports game available as a free-to-play title across consoles and PC.

These matches bring the Rocket League Championship Series to a close. “We can’t thank everyone enough for all of the passion and love that was poured into RLCS X. From production, to the players, to the fans, this season has absolutely been one to remember,” said the official account.

However, they are yet to directly comment on the incident.

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