Twitch streamer and ‘professional neckbeard’ refuses to step up as LGBT+ ally: ‘Nobody gives a f**k’

Asmongold belittles #ADayOffTwitch campaign

Twitch streamer and self-described “professional neckbeard” Asmongold has weighed in on the #ADayOffTwitch boycott to protest ongoing ‘hate raids’, and refuses to use his platform for good.

Chatting on his stream on 22 August, the streamer discussed the movement, saying it won’t take off because not enough big streamers are involved.

“Nobody gives a f**k if you take the day off. Nobody knows who you are. That’s the truth,” he said. “You can’t get a bunch of 20 [small streamers] together and think you’re going to do anything. Nobody gives a f**k.”

“That’s why I don’t believe in this,” he continued. “Who are these people? That’s why it’s not going to work. That’s the whole point.”

Asmongold then went on to admit he would participate “in a heartbeat” if enough big streamers were involved because he believes in “the power of numbers”.

The irony, of course, is that Asmongold is one of the biggest streamers on the platform with a following of 2.3 million.

If he joined the #ADayOffTwitch movement, it could potentially put considerable pressure on Twitch to make improvements to the platform.

The movement began due to an influx of hate raids on Twitch against marginalised streamers, predominantly targeting streamers of colour and LGBT+ streamers with racist and transphobic abuse.

Twitch is working quietly on a solution, but the #ADayOffTwitch movement is intended to push Twitch to make changes more quickly.

Rather than step up as an ally, however, Asmongold has undermined a campaign meant to support the work of marginalised communities on Twitch.

Why not be the first of those big streamers to support the movement? It seems as if Asmongold is too scared of alienating his mainly cis straight white audience.

“Every time that I start a trend, people get pissed off about the trend, so I’m a little bit gun-shy about doing that,” he said, seemingly absolving himself from the issue.

Asmongold, known predominantly for playing World of Warcraft on stream, is in part responsible for the mass exodus of MMORPG players to Final Fantasy XIV that’s been overrun with new players.

Perhaps that same power could be used for positive allyship instead of toxic belittling of marginalised streamers. Just a thought.

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