Drag Race star Tia Kofi schools fragile dad who doesn’t want his child to learn about equality

Tia Kofi

Drag Race UK star Tia Kofi held a masterclass in clapbacks after a fragile dad said he would take his children out of a school visited by drag queens.

The star was joined by Veronica Green visiting Charlotte Sharman Primary School in south London to teach kids about tolerance at a time when primary schools are still not required to teach about LGBT+ lives.

Their visit, organised by the Metro.co.uk, saw them return to a space they once faced bullying and discrimination in as youth now as two of Britain’s most iconic drag queens.

But such discrimination has hardly gone away, and a video of the trip on social media spurred a Twitter user known as “P_Diddilydee”, who exclusively tweets about football, to start scuffling with “snowflakes” (his words) for whatever reason.

Tia Kofi: ‘It’s just gorgeous to see how far we’ve come’

He said he would have his child “out of that school before the end of the day” as having drag queens is “totally wrong”. Effectively depriving himself of an education he clearly so desperately needs.

“I don’t have to agree with men dressed as women going to schools and influencing young minds,” he said, somehow still speaking.

But on Wednesday afternoon (30 June), Tia Kofi was having absolutely none of this random man’s hatred.

Influencing minds not to tolerate bullying, bigotry and hatred,” she said, school every much in session. “I’m very much OK with that, thanks, babe.”

“We all have our own perspectives, I guess,” he lithely replied.

Safe to say he would get an F when it comes to parenting.

“It was super important to come here because things have been changing and young people today are much more open-minded and aware of things going on in the world,’ Tia told Metro.co.uk about the visit to the school.

“For us to come back to a primary school where we weren’t treated as nicely as we could have been and have this warm and lovely experience from all these kids asking these really interesting and thought-provoking questions.

“It’s just gorgeous to see how far we’ve come and know these kids are the ones who are going to keep pushing this further.”