Drag Race UK’s Tia Kofi and Hannah Conda react to joint win subtitle mistake

Drag Race UK Vs. The World top two Tia Kofi and Hannah Conda

The top two queens from Drag Race UK vs the World season two, Tia Kofi and Hannah Conda, have reacted to leaked subtitles from the final indicating that the pair filmed joint win.

Drag Race UK‘s Tia Kofi and Drag Race Down Under‘s Hannah Conda beat out a cast of international glamazons in the recently-concluded second season of Drag Race UK vs the World, with Marina Summers and La Grande Dame just missing out on the top two spot.

After a final – incredibly camp – lipsync between the pair, it was revealed that Tia Kofi had become the second Queen of the Mothertucking World, the first Drag Race UK queen to receive a cash prize (sorry, Blu Hydrangea), and the first queen of colour from the franchise to win a season, with Hannah finishing as runner up.

However, as is widely known among Drag Race fans, multiple endings are often filmed for a season’s finale to avoid spoilers leaking, meaning that even the queens themselves don’t know who has truly won until the episode airs.

What is less common, and has only happened once in All Stars 4, is the top two of a season landing joint win – though it’s been indicated via some rogue subtitles that this option was also filmed for Drag Race UK vs the World season two.

The clip, posted to TikTok showed the ending that viewers saw – Tia snatching the crown – and as the credits started to roll, the subtitles revealed a transcript of RuPaul announcing a tie.

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Speaking on Tia’s podcast, The Final FronTia, Tia and Hannah addressed the slip-up with trademark humour.

“We can talk about it!” Hannah said about the incorrect subtitles. “Because it went to air!”

“Well somewhere, someone fucked up, because they left the subtitles in over the credits of us having a tie!”

Tia then added: “There is a version, if you watch the credits, where – the credits start rolling and then it says: ‘It’s a tie! You’re both winners baby.’ And then one of us says: ‘What the f*ck?!'”

Correcting Tia, Hannah replied: “No it was: ‘Are you joking?!'”

The Aussie queen then commended Tia on her win, and made it clear that there were no hard feelings on her loss.

“How wild is that? To be fair, it was win, draw or lose. I was just so honoured to do that with you.”

Drag Race UK Vs. The World is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.