‘Reclaim Pride’ march to take place of Pride in London and bring parade ‘back to its roots’

Pride in London 2019 

The LGBT+ community and allies are ‘reclaiming Pride’ with a new march to take the place of Pride in London and bring the community-led parade “back to the roots of Pride”.

The first-ever Reclaim Pride march will take place on 24 July and pass by major London landmarks including Parliament Square and 10 Downing Street. The protest will pause at Downing Street and the Uganda High Commission in Trafalgar Square to respectively protest against the UK government’s stalling on LGBT+ rights and Uganda’s persecution of LGBT+ people.

The celebration will culminate with a mass “Queer Picnic” in Hyde Park where people can bring food, drink and music.

LGBT+ activist Peter Tatchell, one of the march coordinators, said Reclaim Pride “replaces the traditional Pride in London parade”, which has been postponed until September. Tatchell added that the new march “puts LGBT+ human rights back” at the forefront.

He urged every marcher to “bring a placard highlighting a LGBTI+ issue that concerns them”. Tatchell said in a statement: “We want to make Pride once again an event where our ongoing demands for LGBTI+ liberation can be seen and heard.”

Lady Phyll, co-founder and executive director of UK Black Pride, said the organisation is “proud” to take part in Reclaim Pride, which she said is “taking place at an important and critical juncture in all our lives”.

The legendary activist explained: “Perhaps more than ever, racism within and outside of the LGBTQ community is being discussed seriously, and we are here to remind one and all that until racism, transphobia and homophobia are eradicated, there will be no liberation for any of us.”

Reclaim Pride is sponsored by landmark LGBT+ organisation UK Black Pride, London Trans Pride, the Peter Tatchell Foundation, Stand Up to LGBTQ+ Hate Crime, Lesbian Visibility Week and DIVA magazine.

The event is completely free, and Tatchell said there is no limit on the number of people allowed in the march. People planning to attend Reclaim Pride are asked to wear a face mask and keep socially distanced during the march due to the ongoing pandemic.