GTA fans absolutely lose it at news San Andreas, GTA 3 or Vice City remakes could be on the way

Could Take-Two be remastering Grand Theft Auto

Take-Two, publisher of the Grand Theft Auto series, has announced three new mystery remasters are on the way.

Specifically, in an investor presentation, they mentioned three unannounced “new iterations of previously released titles” are being developed.

Take-Two are the parent company of 2K and Rockstar Games, collectively responsible for the likes of Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands, Bioshock and more.

The company already has three remasters coming this year: the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S version of Grand Theft Auto V; a standalone version of Grand Theft Auto Online; and alien strategy title Kerbal Space Program.

And, as their remaster of Mafia: Definitive Edition proves, the publisher don’t just port their older titles to new consoles, but take the time to tweak and optimise.

Of course, there’s plenty of speculation as to what these three unannounced titles could be; many fans are already hopeful of GTA remasters, however other people have suggested that Bully or The Warriors might be included.

However, the GTA rumours would certainly match with Take-Two recently issuing takedowns for GTA mods for GTA 3 and Vice City. The mods include those with improved visuals, which would no longer be needed should remasters be released.

As might be expected, GTA fans are all very, very, very excited.

If the trilogy of PS2 games are remastered, let’s hope they fix the dodgy controls and aiming in-line with the more polished GTA VVice City in first person anyone?

Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto VI is still a long way off but rumours have recently intensified, suggesting we could have the series’ first female lead.

It’s been rumoured that, as with GTA V, the sixth title will also feature multiple lead characters, including a female hacker.

It’s also rumoured the game will have a constantly evolving map, allowing Rockstar to consistently update the world – and minimise crunch.

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