Trans councilwoman bravely confronts Star Wars store owner over vile transphobic sign

Tiesa Meskis confronting Sucher

A trans city councillor was forced to confront a business owner over a transphobic sign in his store.

Tiesa Meskis challegned Don Sucher, the owner of Sucher & Sons Star Wars shop in Aberdeen, Washington, over an offensive sign that said: “If you are born with a d***, you are not a chick.”

In a video widely shared on Twitter, Meskis, a member of the Aberdeen City Council, can be heard saying: “Trans women are women. That sign is bulls***.”

In response, Sucher yells: “You’re nuts. I’m telling you that as a man, that’s bulls***.”


King 5 reported that Sucher claims he was expressing his right to freedom of speech by posting the sign, and that anybody who disagrees is free to leave his store.

In the video, Meskis explained that the sign is demeaning to trans women and told Sucher how hurtful it was to see it.

“We are people. We are who we are and we all want to be accepted in our community,” Meskis said.

But Sucher says he doesn’t care how the sign makes people feel.

“I don’t give a s*** about feelings anymore. Do you think I care about some s*** feeling? Absolutely not,” he is heard saying.

Meskis told the Washington Examiner that she believes in Sucher’s right to express himself, but wants him to be less offensive to the transgender community in his expression.

She said: “What he wrote there was so demeaning and so dismissive of who I am, who any trans woman is.”

“We are people. We are who we are, and we all want to be accepted in our community.”

Sucher runs his Star Wars memorabilia store with his family and claims he has received a wealth of support for his sign, which is still up in his shop now.

PinkNews contacted Disney for comment.