Marvel abruptly cancels Guardians of the Galaxy comic featuring bisexual Star-Lord

Chris Pratt, shirtless, in Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Comics had abruptly cancelled the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book series featuring a bisexual Star-Lord.

The entertainment company’s comic division has dashed hopes of a bisexual, polyamorous Peter Quill,  the 1980s pop culture-grooving armed professional scavenger, becoming a mainstay.

Marvel, without offering an explanation, has made the 22 September issue of the rebooted series about the galaxy-hopping squad the last.

According to FanSided, per The Washington Times, the 18-issue relaunch helmed by writer Al Ewing that was meant to signal a massive step in LGBT+ representation has come to an end.

“The End! Thanks for everything – and see you as Gosnell’s!” the last page of the series reads in its 18th and final issue.

With Chris Pratt becoming the face of Quill, the thumping success of the cinematic adaptation of Guardian of the Galaxy in 2014 as well as its 2017 sequel touched off a comic book remake of the franchise.

In its ninth edition, “I Shall Make You a Star-Lord”, the human/Sportoi hybrid is revealed to not have died in an explosion as he was teased to have in Guardians of the Galaxy #2.

Instead, he has been shunted to a parallel universe where he was trapped on the planet Morinus for 140 years. There, he meets Aradia and Mors, two blue-skinned humanoids that Quill embarks on a polyamorous relationship with.

Quill, who has long been presented as something of a charming womaniser in both the comics and film, is initially hesitant to embrace the pair’s idea of “togetherness” as he yearns to return to his reality and reunite with Gamora.

But as 12 years fly by, Star-Lord has since settled down with the couple and embraced his bisexuality.

The trio becomes entangled in a love triangle, with one scene showing the three soaked in some seriously bisexual lighting as they bathe in a ceremonial temple.