RuPaul, Britney and six other iconic Sabrina The Teenage Witch moments that went down in TV history

Sabrina the Teenage Witch has some iconic moments including guest appearances from RuPaul and Britney Spears.

It’s been 26 years since Sabrina the Teenage Witch premiered on our screens and delivered many iconic moments.

Throughout the seven seasons, guest stars have included RuPaul, Britney Spears and N*Sync, while the storylines of Sabrina balancing her ‘normal’ teenage life and The Other Realm had us hooked.

It starred Melissa Joan Hart as the title character and Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick as the campy Aunt Hilda and Zelda.

The entire boxset is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video – but only until the end of September, so you don’t have long to binge it.

To celebrate the Sabrina the Teenage Witch anniversary, we’ve put together a list of some of the highlights from the show.

From guest stars to musical numbers, see the moments when Sabrina the Teenage Witch had us spellbound below.

1. Britney Spears drives us crazy

The icon and legend Britney Spears makes a guest appearance in the first episode of season four. It sees Sabrina celebrate her 18th birthday and decide she wants to move to Paris for a fresh start. While there Britney pops up in her house for a one-to-one performance of “(You Drive Me) Crazy”, teaches Sabrina some dance moves, and tells her that always being surrounded by loads of people “is sometimes the loneliest place to be”, which is pretty eerie given recent events. Melissa Joan Hart who plays Sabrina also returns the favour by making a cameo in the music video to the song.

2. RuPaul gives Sabrina a makeover

RuPaul appears in an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
RuPaul appears in an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. (YouTube)

A pre-Drag Race RuPaul makes an appearance in Sabrina the Teenage Witch proving why she’s the Supermodel of the World. She appears in season two, episode 24 to give Sabrina a makeover, looking as glamorous as always. The episode aired in the late 90s and exposed RuPaul to an even bigger audience – the show was reaching 12 million viewers in the US alone – placing a drag queen at the centre of a mainstream television show. That’s an iconic moment.

3. Salem being an icon

From his costumes to his one-liners, Salem is a relatable icon. He’s the character you laughed along with when watching Sabrina as a child, but now that you’re older you realise that we’re all Salem. Some of his highlights include “just be a queen honey”, his grunge look, saying “someone’s gonna end up crying, probably me” and the time he dressed as a ghost to scare Sabrina. His impact is proven by the fact that there are Instagram pages dedicated to the 500-year-old witch, who is sentenced to live as a cat after he planned to take over the world…

4. The Funky Song

In an episode in season one of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, she stays with her campy Aunt Vesta, who is Hilda and Zelda’s older, but less responsible sister. She lives in the Other Realm at the “Pleasure Dome”, which looked like the best place in the world as a young, queer kid. The entire episode is soundtracked by “The Funky Song”, with lyrics including “shake your whammy fanny funky song, funky song”, well, that’s pretty much all of the lyrics. Sabrina makes her own music video to the track while at the Pleasure Dome, surrounded by clowns for some reason, but if this was released today on a television series it’d probably have millions of streams in the same vain of “A Little Bit Alexis” from Schitt’s Creek, because it’s that catchy.

5. Sabrina discovers the family secret

Sabrina discovers the Spellman family secret.
Sabrina discovers the Spellman family secret. (YouTube)

This moment had us gooped and gagged when we were younger. It took viewers (and Sabrina) three seasons to find out the Spellman family secret and (spoiler alert) it’s that every family member has a twin. The twins have to go through a series of tests to decide who is the good witch and who is the evil witch. In Sabrina’s case it was Katrina and it was a tense episode for viewers, as we hoped and prayed that Sabrina wouldn’t lose and get thrown into a volcano because she was our queen. Luckily that didn’t happen and we got four more seasons of the show.

6. Pancake madness

Sabrina gets addicted to pancakes in a truly wild episode.
Sabrina gets addicted to pancakes in a truly wild episode. (YouTube)

In episode five of season three, Sabrina becomes addicted to pancakes, proving once again that she’s a relatable queen. The hilarious and totally wild episode sees a song-and-dance about pancakes, dream sequences featuring a talking and walking maple syrup and Sabrina go through an intense detox to try and get rid of her addiction.

7. Man dough

Hilda and Zelda create a man out of dough to take Sabrina to the school dance.
Hilda and Zelda create a man out of dough to take Sabrina to the school dance. (YouTube)

When Sabrina’s crush Harvey goes to the Fall Formal with Libby, she does what any normal teenager would do – hides in her room because her world is over. But she’s a teenage witch, with witch aunties, who decide to cheer her up by using “Man-Dough” to literally make her a perfect guy as a date. Hilda and Zelda create Chad, who is a daredevil, rock musician who owns a motorcycle, before having some fun of their own by making their dream dates. Does anyone know where we can buy some “Man-Dough” of our own?

8. The Sabrina the Teenage Witch finale

The emotional finale of Sabrina the Teenage Witch reunites Harvey and Sabrina.
The emotional finale of Sabrina the Teenage Witch reunites Harvey and Sabrina. (YouTube)

The emotional finale of Sabrina the Teenage Witch gives the fans everything they want as we finally get to see Sabrina and Harvey drive off into the sunset together. The episode centres around “soul stones”, with Sabrina and her husband-to-be, Aaron’s soul stones not fitting together. When they decide to cancel the wedding, Sabrina runs out of the church and they ride off on Harvey’s motorcycle at 12:36, the same time that the pair met seven years before… and here come the tears. This YouTube comment pretty much sums it up: “Honestly, it’s one of the most satisfying television show endings ever and it’s not spoken about enough.”

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