Sex and the City cast didn’t know about Willie Garson’s cancer diagnosis while filming reboot

Willie Garson was reportedly set for a “huge” storyline in the new Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That… before his death at the age of 57.

The actor, who played fan-favourite Stanford Blatch, died from pancreatic cancer in September, as filming on revival was ongoing.

In an interview with The Guardian, co-star Chris Noth (who plays Big) revealed that the show had a “really huge storyline” planned for Garson, and that the actor had chosen to keep his cancer diagnosis private.

Noth said: “No, most of us didn’t know. The last time I saw him was on set and I kick myself because I didn’t really get a chance to talk to him.

“He was extraordinarily fun and funny and there’s nothing to say but that it’s heartbreaking. It’s sad for everyone, and for the show, because I think he was going to have a really huge storyline.”

And Just Like That... will air in the UK on Thursday

And Just Like That… will air in the UK on Thursday (Liaison / Chris Weeks)

Viewers will see Garson play Blatch for the final time when And Just Like That… begins this week.

Though the character was gay, Garson himself was straight, and told Page Six in 2020 that he hid his real sexuality in order to be respectful to gay fans of the show. 

“For years I didn’t talk about it because I found it to be offensive to gay people,” he said.

“People playing gay characters jumping up and down screaming that they’re not gay, like that would somehow be a bad thing if they were.

“When the question would come up during the show I would say: ‘When I was on White Collar no one ever asked me if I was a conman, and when I was on NYPD Blue, nobody ever asked me if I was a murderer.’

“This is what we do for a living; portray people.” 

Garson also spoke in the interview about female fans of the show wanting to be his best friend due to his portrayal of Blatch. 

“At the beginning, you would approach someone at a bar and realise: ‘Oh, they want to be Stanford’s best friend.’ They don’t necessarily want to sleep with you.”

And Just Like That… will air on Thursday (9 December) at 9pm on the Sky Comedy channel.