CBBC vet Dr James Greenwood went through ‘dark times’ ahead of ‘life-affirming’ coming out moment

CBBC vet Dr James Greenwood with his husband

CBBC vet Dr James Greenwood has reflected about his coming out journey, stating that the decision to live his truth was the “most pivotal decision” he’s ever made.

The practising veterinary surgeon, who is the resident animal expert on The Pets Factor and BBC One’s Morning Live, is passionate about increasing LGBT+ representation in front of the camera these days after overcoming personal struggles before being able to come out.

In an interview with Attitude magazine, the 36-year-old recalled: “I came out in my mid-20s. I think that was the time in my life that I felt the most vulnerable in so many ways – I worked through some really dark times.

“Coming out was the most pivotal, life-affirming decision I have ever made for myself.”


The TV vet chooses to keep fans updated about his personal life on social media and previously spoke to PinkNews about the part he tries to play in the growing representation of the queer community in the media.

Dr James Greenwood stated: “I’m so passionate that we should get strong representation of LGBT+ community, in the mainstream media.

“And if I can play a small part of that, by reaching the younger audition that we get through CBBC, then brilliant and I’m totally up for that challenge.”

He added: “I think the audience that we reach, it just doesn’t seem to even register on their radar, that that is anything other than completely normal these days, which is fantastic.


“There’s so many more different variations of the family unit. Mums and mums, and dads and dads and what have you. I’ve never had any sort of negative reaction which is great.”

When asked what advice he would give to his younger self, Dr James Greenwood explained: “I would say to my ten-year-old self, stop changing for other people, because the moment you do that is when your life really begins.”

The Pet Show star now lives in Bristol with his husband, Mark, and called their 2019 wedding the “happiest” day of his life.

“[My husband and I have] been together 13 years after meeting online,” The Great Pottery Throw Down contestant told Attitude. “For a large portion of my life, same-sex marriage was not even an option legally, so when we got married in June 2019 it was, hands-down, the happiest, most poignant day of my life.”